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The Soil Association's 'Organic September' 2016 is Here

Hello everyone and welcome to Organic September 2016. Unusually for us, we will be bringing you between one and two blog posts per day (Mon-Fri) throughout the month of September. Why? - well, Organic September is a big occasion in our diary and for those of you who are new to it, it's best described as a month-long celebration of all things organic, from food, drink, beauty and even clothing.


Organised each year by the Soil Association, it's aims are to educate, enthuse and persuade people about the long-term benefits of using organic products, and becoming more involved in organic, sustainable living. Ultimately, this is good for you (us) and our planet.

What You Can Expect

This month we'll be celebrating, informing and raising awareness about everything organic. What's the truth? Is it important? Is it worth the extra cost? Does it cost any more money? Every day we'll be releasing new blog posts about organic. If it's something you are interested or you'd just like to know more, keep a look out on the Naissance blog and social media.

In addition to some exciting New Organic Products to add to our range, there will be interesting and informative articles and videos about anything organic. Behind the scenes we have been working hard to ensure you enjoy it too. We hope you will learn something new every day, and help dispel some myths that surround the word 'Organic'.

We really want to know what you think, good and bad, so if you love it or hate it, just let us know and tell us (plus all our readers of course) why - we promise not to bite. ;)

New Organic Product Launch

Get Ready because we'll be releasing NEW Naissance organic products every week! This week is FOOD WEEK and covers the launch of our New Organic Hemp Food Oil, available in 250ml / 500ml and 1Ltr sizes. Tomorrow, you can read about the benefits of Hemp Food Oil and why some people think it's the new 'Superfood' Look out for our blog post tomorrow morning

Our Exciting Competition

This seemed to be an ideal occasion to run a competition where you can WIN lots of lovely organic treats from our exclusive organic range. The 1st prize is a hamper full of our organic products, including our new products, 3 Runners-up can expect to receive a range of our new products launched throughout this month. Stay tuned on social media to find out more!

So, what do you need to do to enter? Well it couldn't be simpler, just send us your best story, image or video (YouTube link please) about something organic to the following email address:

Stuck for ideas? How about these....

Best organic meal

Best organic product you have found

Your favourite organic beauty product

Best organic supplier

Your perfect organic lifestyle choice

Has an organic product helped you?

How do you picture an organic lifestyle

For more information, just go along to our web page OS16 Competition

Coming Up Tomorrow

An overview of what you can expect, week by week over the next month.


Our New Organic Hemp Food Oil is here - Is this the latest 'superfood'? Well we are impressed with it but we'll let you be the judge.

Stay green, stay natural, stay beautiful!


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2016-09-26 11:55:12

lovely competition! I did send my story via email last week... Happy rest of organic September :)


2016-09-26 11:55:07

Thank you Geogia :D fingers crossed for you we have had a lovely #OrganicSeptember so far and look forward to what this week brings. Happy Organic September to you too have a lovely week!

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