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Why we work directly with Nino, our aloe vera farmer

Everyone wants a good deal, which generally means a low price for a good value product. For many of us it also means buying ethically and buying organic.


Knowing that our money is not being invested in the development of chemical weapons, unethical industries or turning Wales into a car park. We want to know that workers are treated well and that businesses are run by owners who put people before profit. For suppliers and farmers, the biggest problem can be getting a good price for what they produce, and often, in a buyer's market, this isn't always easy.

Selling and buying directly often means that farmers get a higher price for what they grow and because the supply chain is so much smaller, everyone in it knows who is who and what is going where. This is why Naissance are starting to seek out direct, long-standing relationships with farmers and suppliers like Nino. In this way farmers get the best price and we have much more control over quality, and can formulate more of our own products, getting rid of unneeded chemicals and developing the new products that you have asked for.

Nino's aloe vera is grown using organic farming methods. In our current Aloe Vera Gel we have removed many of the unneeded chemicals and have responded to customer suggestions about how we could improve our previous and very popular Aloe Vera Gel. It is always dangerous changing something that people like, but we're always striving and looking for ways of improving and making our products more natural. We're currently developing a formulation for a completely organic Aloe Vera Gel, which should hopefully be on the shelves by the end of the summer, not that we're counting our chickens or anything. Although, given the number of foxes in wales, we probably should. Working directly with farmers like Nino means a fairer deal for them, better source to shelf quality control for us and more lovely products for you to enjoy.

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Erica Hocking

2016-07-07 14:00:23

Nature is a HEALER!

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