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Naissance Hemp Shave Oil for Men AND Women

Women and men have been removing their body hair for thousands of years. The Egyptians loved it, the Romans love it, and when women in the west started showing a little more leg and, heaven forbid, the armpit, we’ve tried all sorts of ways of removing, pruning, trimming and shaping our body hair.


Today we caught up Naissance’s Emma Fitzgerald, a regular shaver of legs and other lovely things.

“Getting razor burn is not fun, neither are dry legs. To be honest most of the ladies here used to use hair conditioner, until Christmas came along and lots of us bought the Hemp for Men Gift Pack for our partners”.

Emma and other members of the team discovered that the Hemp Shave OilHemp Shave Oil FOR MEN, is equally great for women, and a lot cheaper than those marketed at women.“When I tried my partner’s shave oil I thought it was absolutely fantastic, it’s natural and you can dip your legs in and out of the bath as much as you want and it’s still there, it moisturises brilliantly and it’s affordable

Although we love our shaving oil, we’re not advocating shaving or hair removal of any kind. It’s a personal choice. Certain blogs stating the dos and don’ts of shaving mention ridiculous statements like “some people ignore their thighs, make sure to shave all around until you’ve got rid of every last hair”. Frankly we would rather dip our head in a bucket of frogs, licking everyone on the way down than be told to remove our body hair.

“Do what makes you happy, bodies are beautiful however you want to decorate and adorn them! Personally, I like shaving and if you are looking for a natural, moisturising and affordable shaving oil try Naissance Hemp For Men (and women!) Shaving Oil, we really like it, we hope you do to!”

Part of Naissance’s exclusive hemp for men range, hemp oil is a pure and natural oil that contains fatty acids which leave the skin soft and smooth with a refreshing minty tingle, while helping to prevent razor burn, without clogging your razor. Like most Naissance’ products Hemp Oil does not contain artificial chemicals, preservatives, parabens or sulphates.

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