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Naissance at the Packaging Innovations Show

An interview with Rosa our Deputy European Customer Service Manager:

Why did Naissance decide to attend the Packaging Innovations Show?

We are currently looking at improving and developing our range of gift packs. We wanted to get some new and innovative ideas on how we can develop aspects of this range from ease of production to making the best possible, high-quality product for our customers.


What were your first impressions of the Packaging Innovations Show?

There was a lot to take in! However, it was very well organised and we made a clear plan before attending so we knew who the key exhibitors were that we really wanted to talk to and get further information on the products they offered. All of the exhibitors we spoke to were very friendly and helpful and many had interesting ideas for us to consider.

What sort of packaging were you hoping to find at the show?

We were mainly looking for inserts to go into the boxes we currently use for our gift packs to hold the products in place and display them in a more attractive manner. We also wanted to look at the possibility of a new range of bottles for the products in our gift packs and new labelling solutions and ideas. Furthermore, we wanted to find some new and exciting packaging solutions that we had not previously considered.

Did you find the packaging you were looking for?

Yes we did. We were not sure what sort of insert would be best suited for our needs but seeing the exhibitors at the show helped us to find the right solution. It has also helped us to formulate a plan and schedule various phases for how we can develop our gift pack rage.

What were the highlights of the show for you?

This was the first time I had attended a show like this so I enjoyed the experience as a whole. It was great to get out there and talk to the various suppliers, listen to their advice and look at what products they had to offer us. Therefore, I think the highlight for me was making new contacts and I am now looking forward to looking at who will be the right people to help us move forward with what we want to achieve and building up a strong business relationship with them.

Who were your top three favourite exhibitors?

My top three exhibitors were Curtis Packaging, Spectra and Enkev. Curtis supply beautiful printed boxes and inserts for a wide range of packaging solutions; they also have a great environmental policy. Spectra provide bottles and packaging solutions for various cosmetic companies. The representative we spoke to was very well informed and told us about the wide range of responsible packaging solutions they have. They have a great company ethos when it comes to being environmentally responsible and show this both through the packaging solutions they provide and the way they run their factory. Enkev make a wide range of products, from bedding to moulded packaging, from natural fibres. The product they were exhibiting at the show was something called ‘cocoform’, which uses coconut fibres. Whilst this is something that I do not think we will be able to explore at this precise moment in time it is definitely something I would like to keep in mind for the future. They seemed eager to work closely with us and develop a product that would suit our needs.

Are Naissance looking to increase the sustainability of their packaging?

Yes we are. As a company that focuses on natural products, this is something that we want to build on throughout all areas of the company. It will not be something that we can do overnight, but being at the show helped us to see the wide range of solutions we can start to work on to make our packaging as sustainable as we can.

Why do you consider it important to integrate cleaner and greener packaging for Naissance products?

As I previously mentioned, as we work with natural products, being environmentally friendly is something that goes alongside that. We rely on the environment to provide us with the products that we sell so we want to play a part in looking after and sustaining that environment as best as we can. Looking for greener packaging solutions is the next step in doing this for us.

Are there any pros or cons when looking into a greener packaging solution?

The only cons that there are when looking into a greener packaging solution is that environmentally friendly packaging solutions often have a higher premium and as a company that is still growing and developing, it can sometimes be hard to find the budget to go ahead and change everything at once. However, by making changes in key areas and then slowly building that up to all areas of the business we believe that we can achieve our goals and bring greener packaging solutions to everything that we do. The pros of achieving this will be vast. Not only will we know that we are playing our part in sustaining and protecting the environment and supplying our customers with something that more and more of them are looking for; it will mean that we are closer to being the company we aspire to be and it will be a step towards looking for greener solutions for other areas of the business.

Do you have any hints or secrets that you can disclose about the future of Naissance packaging?

We are still in the process of contacting various suppliers and discussing our ideas with them but there may be one or two new gift packs that we will develop ready for the Christmas period, so watch this space!

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