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Happy New Year to Natural New You (Part 1)

Firstly, we would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas. The start of the New Year means that 2016 is the perfect time to get some good, green habits in place. In this blog, we will be talking about how you can take some small steps in order to make a huge difference to your health and to the health of the planet. Here at Naissance, it has always been extremely important to us to be as natural and healthy as we possibly can, using recyclable packaging and offering natural oils and raw materials free from any chemical nasties such as parabens, artificial colourings or SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphates). On top of that, we also try our hardest to provide you with soil association certified organic varieties of most of our carrier oils, food oils and essential oils.

Happy New Year Beautiful

So, how can you really make a difference?

First things first, this should not feel like a burden or a chore as it can be a really pleasant transition and journey discovering new and creative ways to live your life that are much more harmonious for you and your environment. You should however, have the dedication and motivation to want to make the changes and create a more natural way of living.

1) Choose Organic When You Can

Going organic is a great way to start the transition into a healthier and greener lifestyle; it is a way of making sure you and your family only eat and use fresh, healthy, locally sourced products and seasonal foods. The aim of this is to eliminate toxic pesticides contained in conventional produce, whether it be food, beauty products or even cotton used for bed sheets, clothing and cotton wool. We do try our very best to offer an organic variety of our oils at every opportunity. Choosing the organic option where you can, will help to reduce the risk of bringing any extra nasties into your home or body and since most supermarkets now have their own organic varieties of food produce, it is easier to make the gradual switch over. Like we said earlier, this should not be a stressful experience, so don’t worry if you can’t afford to buy all organic straight away, but just make small changes when you can. The Soil association website has loads of useful information to help you make the right choices for you and advice on where to shop around the UK for organic markets etc. Follow the link to see more from the Soil Association:

2) Bare Beauty

Hold on! Before you think about throwing out all your old makeup or think that being natural means you forgo ever glamming up and putting a face on, we are pleased to tell you that there are a plethora of companies that now offer top of the range organic natural and vegan varieties of their cosmetics. These are cruelty free, paraben free and free from the chemical toxins that can be found in conventional brands of makeup. To help you see what natural beauty goodies are readily available, we have included some links below from some of our favourite natural makeup brands:

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