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Motivate your Movember with our Natural Beard Bundles

November is finally here and with it come the many marvellous beards and moustaches in support of Movember. To help celebrate this fantastic cause that helps raise awareness for men’s health, we have created some beardy bundles that are great for keeping your facial hair positively perfect this autumn!

We have four beard bundles available that have been exclusively selected and created for November 2015, and what’s more, a 5% donation will be made to the Movember Foundation from all sales from our beard bundle range.

So here’s what we have on offer for those beautiful beards!

motivate your movember

The Bushy Beard Bundle

  • 100ml Grapeseed (Conditions and Strengthens)
  • 10ml Ylang Ylang (Promotes growth)
  • 10ml Cedarwood Atlas (Promotes growth)
  • 5ml Geranium Rose (Strengthens hair)

  • The Bushy Beard bundle is just the thing you need if you want a full bodied and thick beard! The oils in this bundle are all natural and will help to promote and strengthen the growth of your beard. Grapeseed oil and Geranium Rose oil strengthen the hair, whilst the Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood essential oils help to stimulate its growth. The scent of Ylang Ylang will also help you to smell irresistible to your partner due to it being a natural aphrodisiac.

    The Soft and Silky Beard Bundle

    • 100ml Grapeseed (Conditions and Strengthens)
    • 5ml Chamomile Roman (Softening)
    • 2ml Sandalwood Australian (Softening)
    • 10ml Lavender (Conditioning)

    • The Soft and Silky Beard bundle is for those looking to tame coarse or rough beards. The combination of Chamomile Roman and Sandalwood Australian essential oils make this bundle extremely conditioning. In addition, Lavender oil will leave your beard feeling conditioned, soft and silky, while Grapeseed oil will help strengthen the hair.

      The Cool and Clear Beard Bundle

      • 100ml Grapeseed (Conditions and Strengthens)
      • 10ml Eucalyptus (Stimulates skin and Cleansing)
      • 5ml Chamomile Roman (Soothes the skin and Softening)
      • 10ml Vetiver (Soothing)

      • Want to breathe some fresh life into your beard? Then we have just the bundle you’re looking for! Eucalyptus essential oil gives an extreme boost of coolness and its antibacterial properties can help to keep any looming colds at bay. The Chamomile Roman and Vetiver essential oils work together to soften your beard and soothe your skin

        The Three Wise Men Beard Bundle

        • 60ml Gold(en Jojoba) (Conditions hair and treats dry skin)
        • 10ml Frankincense (Serrata) (Cleanses the hair)
        • 10ml Myrrh (Conditions and Strengthens)

        • This bundle is the perfect beard companion for the festive season! Treat your beard to the regal oils of gold(en Jojoba), frankincense and myrrh. Only the best will do for your beard? Then these are the oils your beard deserves: a luxury base oil of Golden Jojoba that will condition the hair and soothe any dry skin, whilst the Frankincense and myrrh work in harmony to cleanse, condition and strengthen your beard, leaving it smelling musky and mysterious.

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