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Keep colds and flu away with essential oils this year

Keep colds and flu away with our “Bugs at bay” bundle, the ultimate natural germ busting kit exclusive to Naissance. The essential oils that have been carefully selected for this bundle boost the immune system and kill off germs found in the air and around your home, promoting excellent hygiene and health throughout the autumn and winter months.

To promote clean and germ free air at home, you can use these essential oils in the oil burner provided in the kit. Simply put some water in the top of the burner, add a few drops of your preferred oils, then place a tea light into the burner and light it. The oils will evaporate into your room capturing and cleansing any nasties that may be present.

Colds and flu away

Also contained in the kit is a carrier oil, which can be used as a body oil or massage oil to help protect and moisturise your skin. You can also add your preferred essential oils to the grapeseed carrier oil to give it a boost of germ killing properties.

You can also use the essential oils to make your very own natural home cleaner to keep surfaces free of germs without the use of harsh chemical sprays. Simply fill up an old spray bottle with water and add around 30 drops of you preferred essential oil or combinations of essential oils following the correct ratio (for instance if combining 3 oils you would use the ratio of 10:10:10).

Our Bugs at Bay bundle is both practical and versatile: the oils can be mixed to suit your taste and as each oil boasts a wealth of antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, they can be used individually or blended together. Use these oils to blend your own massage/body oil, make a home fragrance oil or simply add them to your bath water*.

*Please note that the cinnamon bark essential oil should not be used in the massage/skin oil nor in bath water as it might irritate the skin.

Pack Contains:

Grapeseed Carrier Oil - 100ml

Lemon Essential Oil - 10ml

Oregano Essential Oil - 10ml

Rosemary Essential Oil - 10ml

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil - 10ml

Clove Essential Oil - 10ml

Burner and Tea Light (style of burner may vary from image shown)

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