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3 Essential Oils for Anti-Wrinkle Skincare

Wrinkles, age spots and crow’s feet are things that sooner or later we will all experience as we get older, and for this reason anti-wrinkle skincare becomes a little more important to help slow down the signs of ageing. Ageing is a natural process that we all go through and there is definitely beauty to be found in the faces of people of all ages, so do embrace your natural beauty wrinkles, fine lines, freckles and all.

With that in mind, we believe that prevention and natural remedies are the key to glowing and youthful complexions and the earlier you can start with preventative measures, the better it is to help stave off any premature signs of ageing.

3 Essential Oils for Anti-Wrinkle Skincare

Here are some ideas to keeping you looking positively radiant:

Quit Smoking

Get a Fringe cut in

Use Sunscreen everyday

Keep Hydrated

Eat Anti-oxidant rich foods

Wear Sunglasses

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Take Some Regular Exercise

As well as these preventative measures, we have three fantastic essential oils that will help combat the signs of ageing whilst being kind to your wallet and your skin. These useful products are Frankincense, Carrot Seed and Patchouli essential oils: 100% pure, with no unnecessary chemicals or added ingredients.

Frankincense Indian (Serrata) Essential Oil

Latin name: Boswellia serrata

This essential oil is extracted from the rich golden resin often found in Rajasthan and has a sweet yet fresh aroma that has been used for thousands of years within Ayurvedic traditions. Using frankincense as part of your skincare routine is soothing for dry skin and can help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, which makes it especially good for mature or damaged skin.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Latin name: Daucus carota

Extracted from the seeds of wild carrots and also known as Queen Anne’s Lace, carrot seed essential oil is considered extremely beneficial for mature skincare. This oil is thought to help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles due to its toning and revitalising skin properties whilst also being packed full of vitamins and antioxidants, making it a fantastic detoxifier for the blood and liver.

Patchouli Essential Oil

Latin name: Pogostemon cablin

Patchouli oil is extracted from the fermented and dried leaves of the plant. As well as being wonderful for mature skincare and a natural anti-wrinkle treatment, patchouli oil has calming and relaxing effects, which can be a beneficial part of slowing down the signs of ageing as stress is a major strain on the body and can really show itself through the condition of the skin. So keep calm and apply some essential oils.

Note of caution:

We never advise that you apply essential oils undiluted onto the skin. The essential oils should be diluted in a carrier oil and then applied to the skin. Some of the carrier oils that we suggest for anti-ageing are Rosehip, Apricot kernel and sweet almond, but there are many more carrier oils that you can use too.

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2016-10-19 16:49:39

Hi Linda, Thanks for getting in touch we do have a recipe you could try here it is :) you can use more than one essential oil if you like but make sure the total amount of essential oils comes to 10 drops as they are very potent oils 1 x empty bottle 1 x pipette or small funnel 20ml Rosehip carrier oil 10ml Almond carrier oil 10 drops of preferred essential oil Directions: Take your empty bottle and add 20ml organic rosehip carrier oil using the pipette or the funnel. This should make it easier to get your oils into the bottle without any waste. Then add the 10ml of organic Almond carrier oil again using the pipette or the funnel. Carefully add your 10 drops of preferred essential oil. Screw the lid on very tight, then shake to mix the oils. This amount should last up to 6 months but it should be kept away from direct sunlight and stored in a cool and dark cupboard to help preserve the shelf life of the oils. Many thanks Aeyshea


2016-02-08 08:41:16

Your so welcome :) happy to help x


2016-02-08 08:40:22

Hi Monika, Thanks for getting in touch you can add more than one essential oil to the carrier oil, you could try 10 drops of essential oil to 30ml of carrier oil. If you wanted to use two essential oils you could have the ratio of 5 drops of each essential oil rosehip carrier oil is a fantastic oil to use due to its restorative properties and ability to help fade scars or fine lines Many thanks Aeyshea


2016-02-08 08:39:02

Hi Mrs Shah, thanks for your comment you can use these oils to help delay signs of ageing before wrinkles start to appear the antioxidants can help slow down the progression of wrinkles and fine lines

Linda Hanlon

2016-02-08 08:38:56

I’m just starting with essential oils, do you have any recipes for the anti wrinkle oils please. Thanks.

Mrs shah

2016-02-08 08:38:48

I m 35 I have no wrinkle, but old age coming soon so keep maintain our self so can I use this product?

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