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Fill Your Home with Natural Autumnal Fall Fragrance

Are you ready for autumn yet? We most certainly are!

One great way to get you and your home ready for the colder months is to fill your house with the seasonal scents of seasonal fragrance oils and candles. You can even collect some natural goodies such as pinecones, conkers, acorns and golden leaves to make your very own potpourri.

Some of our personal favourite fragrance oils for this time of year are Chocolate, Frankincense, Cinnamon and Clove, so we thought we would share them with you in this blog.

Fill Your Home with Natural Autumnal Fall Fragrance

Chocolate Fragrance Oil:

Chocolate is one of the wonderful gifts of nature that we have the ability to harness and make into delightfully sweet treats. The indulgently rich smell and taste of chocolate is something that we most definitely love at naissance, and at this time of year it’s everywhere: you can find an abundance of spookily packaged Halloween treats and beautifully wrapped seasonal gifts, hot chocolates and much more. If you want to bring some of the essence of these chocoholic treats into your home, you could try using our chocolate fragrance oil in an oil burner/diffuser. You could even use it when making your own crafts such as potpourri, candle making or soap making, all of which will fill your home with the scents of chocolate.

Cinnamon & Clove Fragrance Oil:

Cinnamon and Clove are one of those timeless and positively perfect combinations of spices that we all love for the autumn and winter months. It goes without saying that their warming and sweet aroma will definitely get you feeling all toasty and cosy on a cold blustery day! Try it for yourself and add a few drops of these oils to your oil burner.

Frankincense Fragrance Oil:

This aromatic gum is well-known throughout history and is synonymous with this time of year. Frankincense has been traditionally considered an offering to the gods; it was thought that it would banish evil spirits and offer protection and it is also said in the bible that it was given as a gift to the baby Jesus. Through this historical knowledge and wonder of ancient mysteries, frankincense has remained a staple fragrance for us in the run up to Christmas.

Making Autumn Potpourri:

Making your own Potpourri is a perfect and inexpensive way to get some of the golden colours and natural scents of autumn into your home to decorate and spice things up! We recommend you take some time to get out into nature and have an autumnal adventure: take a bag and go hunting for the golden coloured acorns and flickers of crimson red leaves in your local park or woodland. You can really make this a fun packed day for the whole family!

Once you have collected your very own natural treasures, it’s time to find a nice container or bowl (you could even use a mason jar) and once you have something you are happy with, you can start to layer and arrange all of your foraged finds however you like. Once they are in your container, you can sprinkle15-20 drops of your preferred fragrance oils to scent your homemade potpourri.

Top Tip

If you are using a mason jar, you could even tie a cinnamon quill or some dried orange slices to the neck of the jar with some ribbon or rustic string and they will be perfect as little gifts too. We would love to see any photos of your magical autumn potpourri if you get the chance to make your own

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