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September School Survival

Here it is, September again! Which means it’s time to cuddle up as the evenings draw in earlier and very soon we will see the beautiful colours of auburn autumn leaves as the children go back to their lessons. This can often leave us with a lot of organising to get our children back into their routines and this blog is here to help get things ready for school time.

How can Naissance help?

We have come up with some ideas and found some Natural Naissance products and food that could help with the back to school itinerary.


Pulse points (buy 2 get 1 free):

Work & Study

This pulse point will be great for homework time and exam time as the essential oils in it are Lemon essential oil, which increases concentration, and Basil essential oil, which helps to promote clarity and combat intellectual fatigue.

Calm & De-stress

This pulse point is designed to ease the stress that can be experienced in everyday life, making it a great product for parents and children when getting back to school. Using this product will help relieve any preterm jitters and could make the transition back to school much easier.

Energy & Vitality

Blended using Grapefruit and Rosemary essential oils to give you a boost of energy. Perfect to get your morning kick started or to use when you need a second wind.

Bed Time – Getting back to routine

Making sure you and your little ones get a good night sleep will be extremely beneficial when getting back into the swing of the school routine, so here are 3 steps to a blissful sleep:

  • Try and get an early night: you will need to try and get at least 8 hours a night and a great way to get this into action is to have set bed times during the week, depending on what time you need to be up.
  • Struggling to get the children to sleep? We do have an oil blend that could help: it’s our Child Sleep - Sleepy Head Blend For Peaceful Nights and it is an essential oil blend which will help soothe, calm and relax your child before bedtime. You can use this in a bedtime bath or in a vaporiser to fill your child’s room with its aromatherapy properties and ensure a peaceful night.

  • Pack Lunches:

    We have some handy tips to help fill your pack lunches with some extra nutrition ready for term time: we have a selection of nuts and fruits that can be made into little snack packs to replace unhealthy alternatives like crisps or sweets.

    What we have:

    Yoghurt Coated Mixed Fruit & Nuts – This little snack makes a fantastic alternative for anyone with a sweet tooth or chocoholics: a mixture of yoghurt coated fruit and nuts containing Brazil nuts, apricots, peanuts and raisins.

    Peanuts & Jumbo Raisin Mix – With no added nasties, this wholesome mix will be the perfect lunchtime snack pot to keep your kids eating healthy and full up till dinner time.

    Fruit and Nut mix - A nutritious tub of fruit and nuts containing brazil nuts, jumbo raisins, chopped dates, blanched peanuts, red skin peanuts, organic banana chips (contains organic coconut oil and organic sugar), cashew nuts and hazelnuts. This is great if your child loves a variety of flavours and helps to keep snack time interesting.

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