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Detox With Naissance Oil Pulling & Exercise Part 1of 3

Modern lifestyles can mean that we are cramming our bodies with unnecessary chemicals every day; these chemicals might come from the beauty or cleaning products we use or from the foods we eat and drink. Not all products are filled with these chemical elements though and there are ways to change our routines and help us flush as many of them out of our bodies while still enjoying the luxuries of modern living!

For this reason, we have put together some helpful ideas and routines that can be applied to everyday rituals to help minimise the amount of chemicals that can build up in the body. If you can apply all or even just a few of these to your day, then you should see improvements: your complexion, hair and nails should look healthier and stronger and you could experience increased energy levels from eating healthier organic unprocessed foods.
Detox and destress

Oil pulling

There are several oils that can be used for oil pulling and we recommend you only use cold pressed oils and preferably organic ones to get the best nutritional properties available. Here are a few oils you can use (our personal favourite is coconut oil!):




How to Oil Pull:

Take 1tbsp of chosen food oil.

Swish around your mouth for 15-20 minutes.

Do not swallow or gargle with it.

When you have finished, spit into the bin.

Rinse mouth with warm salty water.

What are the benefits?

Oil pulling first thing in the morning helps to lower the bacteria in your mouth by absorbing it into the oil. It is important to spit it out instead of swallowing it, because if you swallow the bacteria in it, your body has to process and fight the bacteria, meaning your body is doing more work than it needs to. For this reason, oil pulling prevents the excess bacteria entering the digestive tracts allowing your body to work on other things that need doing. This process also helps with general oral health by moisturising the gums and through the absorption of minerals from your chosen oil.

Take up some of your favourite exercise:

Exercise is extremely important to help detox the body and get everything moving as it should. Exercise can be as fun or as boring as you like as long as you are doing something to get your body moving, but when selecting an exercise, bear in mind any injuries that you may have in order to select the right one for you. You may even want to check with a health professional if you have any health concerns to help you select the correct exercise for your body, as we are all different and have different needs. Here are a few ideas:




Boot camps


Roller Derby






Benefits of exercise:

So why should we get up of our bums? Ok here’s why: it can help lower the risk of health complications and major health problems and it can also help to boost self-esteem, promote a healthy night’s sleep, lower depression and reduce stress levels.

So, since there are plenty of reasons to take the good habit up, you just need to find the right exercise for you.

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