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Must have summer body sprays!

1-Naissance Insect Repellent Bodyspray.

2-Naissance Organic Mother and Baby Insect Repellent Bodyspray.

We all like to get out and about during the warm summer months, but whether staying at home to enjoy evening barbeques, getting out into the countryside or heading to the beach, you can guarantee that the irritating biting insects will follow you.

At Naissance we are delighted to be able to offer you our hugely popular natural Insect Repellent body spray, available in both a full strength version but also as a slightly gentler Organic Mother and Baby spray that really works. Both sprays are available in a standard 150ml size but also in an UK airport regulation friendly 50ml spray, perfect for your hand luggage.

Summer Spray

The sprays contain synergistic blends of essential oils such as lavender and peppermint, chosen for their natural bug repelling properties. The products are intended as a body spray but can also be used on clothing and bedding.

Customer Reviews

We have a number of fantastic customers who come back year after year to top up their supply, here are just some of the kind words they have had to say...

"Easy to use and there is no nasty lingering smell. My son is 6 month's old so I was worried about a reaction, but this was gentle and caused no issue. He did not get bitten once."

"This spray is great. I used it when pregnant. It smells nice (didn't make me feel sick) easily absorbed and I didn't get bitten once."

"I brought this product for my 8 month old daughter for our recent trip to France. I ended up using it on both her and myself (as I was picking her up so much I didn't want to use deet on myself). The only time I got bitten was when I forgot to apply it one evening. Smells ok too."

"Does the job great product"

3-Naissance Prickly Heat and Heat Rash spray.

4-Naissance Organic Mother and Baby Prickly Heat and Heat Rash spray.

During the summer most of us like to enjoy the warm weather and to bask in the sun’s rays, but for many, a forecast of hot, sometimes muggy weather is anything but good news. If you suffer from heat rash or prickly heat, you will be all too familiar with the uncomfortable, burning and itchy rash that can flare up all over your body.

There are a plethora of so-called treatments out there intended to minimise discomfort and to reduce inflammation, but these treatments are often creams or powders. As heat rash is caused by blocked sweat glands, the very nature of a cream or powder can exacerbate the problem. At Naissance we are proud to be able to offer you something a little different.

Naissance Prickly Heat and Heat Rash spray is intended to help to clear blocked pores, cool the skin and soothe any irritation without the need for synthetic or chemical ingredients. Our simple and gentle recipe includes Witch Hazel to cleanse and close the pores and a blend of lavender, eucalyptus and chamomile essential oils to cool and soothe the skin. The spray is also available in a milder Organic Mother and Baby formulation and both sprays are available in a standard 150ml Spray and a UK airport regulation friendly 50ml size.

Customer Reveiws

Naissance Prickly Heat and Heat Rash spray is one of our longest standing offerings, and we're happy to see that it is just as popular as ever. Here are just some of the kind words our lovely customers have to say about this product…

"After years of suffering from prickly heat each summer, the above spray will always be in my suitcase forever! 100% natural and a few sprays and the horrible rash and itchiness was gone! It even assisted with my husband's sunburn. I cannot recommend this product enough. Extremely reasonably priced as I've just spent two weeks in France and have only used a quarter of the bottle but going to stock buy a few!"

"Definitely helped me along with anti-histamines. Takes the prickly feeling away."

"This is the solution to my heat rash - no more irritation after spending the day in the sun, use this at night for instant relief!"

"Cools you down instantly. Smells nice, doesn't stain clothing and doesn't hurt your eyes. Great value for money at half the cost of the other brands. Definitely worth taking a bottle with you to the sun."

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