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Natural Summer Sensory Crafts & Play

Summer is here and it’s nearly the end of the school year, so we have decided to write this blog on some fun Natural Summer Sensory Crafts & Play for the whole family and to keep the little ones entertained and learning through play. We have so many products that can be used for crafts and play, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone!

What is sensory play you say?

It is a way of playing using combinations of senses to help further develop fine motor skills, which are useful to help strengthen abilities like writing or the finer delicate movements needed to achieve fiddly tasks like tying shoelaces. It is also considered to have a calming effect on children by alleviating boredom and frustration and the many other things that have the potential to wind the little dears up.

Tiny Briny Jars

Elements of Sensory Play






Here’s where the fun begins:

Little Fluffy Cloud Dough

You will need

4 cups of flour

½ cup of Naissance food oil (we recommend Olive Extra Virgin Food Oil)

As much as you like of Naissance food Flavouring (optional, but will fragrance the dough and give it a taste element. It is not advisable to eat too many clouds, just a little taste)


Pop your flour and oil in a bowl and mix with your hands for 5 minutes. You can all mix it together to feel the transformation from oil and flour into a magical cloud dough.

You can use a large storage container to play with the dough as this may help to minimise messy clouds escaping into your home.

Silicone moulds are also fab to create shapes and blocks that your little angels can use to build beautiful cloud palaces.

Enjoy playing messy whilst using safe and clean materials.

Tiny Briny Jars

You will need:

Some empty Jars (buy here or use empty mouthwash bottles with a child safety cap to save on spillages)

Blue Food Colouring


Grapeseed oil


How to make:

Fill your container or containers with 1/3 of water.

Add as much food colouring as you like to achieve desired shade of blue.

Put the lid on and ask your helper or helpers to shake the bottle to mix the colour up


Unscrew your lid, then top up with your grapeseed oil.

Secure the lid on tight and make sure it’s not leaking at all.

Have some fun! You can shake the jars and watch these magical little seascapes come alive before your eyes.

Top Tips:

Why not try adding some glitter or seashells and sand.

Take close up photos you can print out and draw sea creatures onto for another fun activity.

Rainbow icebergs

This is a real fun playtime activity for the children this summer! It’s great to get their creativity going whilst keeping them cool and entertained.

You will need:

Ice cube Tray

Food Colourings

Naissance food oil (we recommend Olive Extra Virgin Food Oil)


How to make:

Get your ice cube tray and place a few drops of food colouring in each section. Use different colours.

Top up with water.


Once completely frozen, you can take your ice cubes and pop them in a shallow tray or container.

Add oil to the tray (approx. 1cm depth of oil).

Then let your children play with the ice cubes and watch the colours melt out into the oil creating colourful little pools.

Why not try putting some pieces of paper in to see how they react to the oil, water and colours.

We hope you enjoy these fun summer sensory craft activities. If you make any we would love to see photos of your wonderful creations

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