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We have recently started behind the scenes theme to our social media agenda to start introducing you our wonderful audience and customers to the people you will be dealing with when you place your orders with us.

You will see photos on our Instagram, taken straight from the office and find out which products we like best within the company, along with any staff picks and reviews. We would also love to know what you would like to know about us so leave us some comments if you would like us to feature something in particular.

In the future, we would like to make some more videos on how to use our products and how to make your own creams, body lotions, deodorants etc. It would be great to hear what you would like us to feature in future videos.

We have a few behind the scenes



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Behind the Scenes

Harrie's Desk

We found a little treasure trove on Harrie's desk She keeps bergamot and orange essential oils as her rescue remedy of the aromatherapy world to promote an uplifting mood :) Aloe vera for those times when we get dry skin and an apricot reed diffuser because she loves the smell of apricots.

behind the scenes naissance

behind the scenes at naissance

Sophie's Desk

Behind the scenes at, this bottle of tea tree was found on the lovely Sophie from the creative departments desk. She uses her tea tree at work and home, it's such a great essential oil to have as it can be used for cleaning and skin care.

Aeyshea's Desk

Naissance products found on Aeyshea's desk. We found monoi oil and eucalyptus oil. She loves the smell of monoi and keeps the eucalyptus on hand if anyone has a cold or allergies.
monoi & eucalyptus

Organic Bergamot

Anne's Desk

Behind the scenes at Naissance, we found this bottle of well loved and used #organicbergamotoil on Anne's desk today. She told us that it is her favourite oil ever and she uses it everyday because it smells so divine and it's just what she needs to keep her having a great day

Keep your eyes open on our social media for more behind the scenes sneaky peaks ;)

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