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Aloe Vera and Seaweed Gel (Spring Featured Product – 15% off until May 31st 2015) Buy it now

Aloe Vera and seaweed gel is a great beauty product to keep on you at all times, especially when you take the ever unpredictable British weather into account, your skin can sometimes use a little boost from this green goddess of gels.

Anti-Oxidant rich, ultra-hydrating, cooling and soothing Aloe and Seaweed Gel is a must have product all year round. In the summer months it can be used to soothe sunburn, it offers rehydration for skin when we turn the heating back on in the autumn, heals chapped lips in winter and brightens complexions in the spring.

How to use Aloe Vera and seaweed gel:

Hydrating facial mask:

Take a generous helping of you aloe vera and seaweed gel and apply a thick layer to the face, making sure you don’t cover your eyes or mouth, then lay back and relax for 10 minutes. Once the 10 minutes is up you can use lukewarm water to remove the excess aloe vera and seaweed gel from your face, pat dry with a towel and apply your favourite moisturiser.

Night Gel:

After washing your face as part of your evening beauty regime, apply the aloe vera and seaweed gel to your face using circular motions. This will help increase the circulation in your skin to promote a bright a beautiful complexion.

After sun:

After a long summer’s day your skin will need some tender loving care. Aloe vera and seaweed gel offers some of the best after sun care due to its nutrient packed and cooling effects on the skin. Just apply the gel directly to your sun kissed skin for instant cooling relief and a boost of naturally present vitamins and minerals.

Fun Fact:

The ancient Egyptians called Aloe Vera 'The Plant of Immortality', recognising not only its healing qualities but also its valuable skin moisturising and nourishing effects.

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