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The Castor Products Company

We are sure you are all familiar with our journey of #discoveringbetter by now. Our main goal is to improve every aspect of our company, starting from looking for new suppliers and discover new stories that we can share with you and make you feel part of this inspiring journey. This adventure has taken us all over the world and has allowed us to meet amazing people and get to know them as suppliers, but most of all, as people and their work within their communities.

Throughout the rest of the year, you will be able to read about all of their stories but, for today, we are going to meet our new Castor Oil supplier.

We don't want to keep you waiting any longer, it's time to get on board.

Ready? First stop: Kutch, India.

Our new Castor Oil has its origin in India, a land that produces some 80% of the world's Castor Oil supply. 18% of that, comes from a small Indian region of Gujarat in a town called Kutch where we are now sourcing the oil that you all love.

The area where Castor Oil is cultivated is arid and almost treeless with no irrigation and unreliable rains. Luckily, as the plant from which the oil is extracted is native to tropics, it needs heat and warm temperature which makes India, the ideal land to grow in. As a cash crop castor is vital to the welfare of small family shareholders in the Kutch.

A Company was born

Nanalal Satra, Indresh Solanki and Myajar Ahir are the men behind this amazing company, that they founded in 2002, with the sole purpose - to produce the best Castor Oil on the market. It's incredible how, after starting with only 2 farming families, The Castor Products Company has grown the network of organic certified farming families to 828 in just a few years. As a result of this growth, an increasing number of other families that became conscious of the benefits of organic-certified farming, are turning to organic farming techniques.

True Cold Pressing Method

What makes The Castor Products Company so special, is the way in which they manufacture their castor oil and we're very proud to share it with you. True cold pressing is the process in which oil is pressed from the plant material whilst maintaining a low temperature.

Our supplier makes sure that during the process of pressing, neither the castor beans nor the oil itself, reaches a high temperature. This extraction method, typically consists of the castor seed being heated prior to the first pressing, and then during the first pressing friction raises the temperature of the oil even further. Castor Products Company does not preheat the castor seeds and has developed proprietary presses, specially designed to remove heat almost instantaneously. As a result, the actual temperature of the oil through the production process is only a couple of degrees above room temperature. This ensures that the nutrients present in the oil of the castor seed are not damaged by high heat, and are released by the press into a usable form. This meticulous attention allows them to call their Castor Oil "True Cold-pressed" resulting also in a better quality of the oil.

Bringing the castor oil straight from the fields, directly to you

We believe they accomplished their goal of producing the best castor oil in the market because we are in love with it and we have no doubts you will love it too. By buying directly from The Castor Products Company, we are supporting the continuous development of a community of organic farming families. We believe that by working directly with the growers, we not only secure the best products, but we are continuing our Quest to be an ethical company where sustainability and ethics come first. Our journey of 'Discovering Better' is constantly evolving and we want you to come along for the journey.

We hope you enjoyed this trip as much as we did and who knows where we are going to take you next time...

Your Naissance Team

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