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Guest Blog - Let's talk Yoga

When and how many times a week should you practise Yoga?

January is the month when we go back to our daily routine and activities and when we set ourselves some resolutions. If anyone has decided to start or resume their yoga practice, they might have wondered: "how often should I attend a yoga class?". Sometimes we don't even have the chance to ask ourselves this question because after work and other daily activities, our free time is very limited. In this case, one or two hours of yoga per week as offered by most classes and gyms are already a good compromise.

What time of the day is recommended?

It's pointless to rush to a yoga course during lunchtime only to worry constantly about going back to work and maybe even skip a meal and let go of that only chance to relax and switch off from the computer for a bit. It's much better to choose an evening course that will allow us to attend the classes after work without rushing. If you are not working or if your schedule is flexible, I would recommend a class of dynamic yoga (like vinyasa or power yoga) in the morning and something quieter and more soothing in the afternoon/evening (like restorative yoga or yin yoga).

However, even after finding the best course and booking your 2-3 hours of yoga per week, as a teacher, I would always recommend the importance of practising consistently rather than occasionally.

Yoga done during class should be a moment of discovery of new poses, a chance to practise the ones we've already learnt and an occasion to have a more intense practice compared to the personal one that can be done routinely every day. This doesn't mean that when we are home we must do 50-90 minutes yoga sessions; 10 minutes are enough, especially early in the morning after waking up or in the evening before sleeping. In particular, the adho mukha svanasana pose (downward facing dog) is useful to stretch our body, and the plank position helps to strengthen our arms, abs and legs. You can also simply practise an asana (pose) of your choice to feel better and maintain the progress and the benefits acquired during class.

The teacher can easily help every student and point out which are the most useful poses to practise every day and improve our practice. This way you will see the results soon and if at first you might find it difficult to find some time to dedicate to yoga during your daily routine, soon enough your body will start finding the time to practise... and soon you'll find yourself meditating even while you're queuing at the supermarket or you're stuck in traffic!

Jokes aside, practising just a little yoga but doing it consistently, is a good attitude to learn something important: it is when we put aside our mat and we stop doing our meditation and asana (poses) that the real yoga begins, the one that will help us face every day's challenges with more strength and balance!

Have a good practice everyone!



A bit about Daniela...

Daniela is from Italy. She is the creative energy behind 'CiaoYoga' which was originally created as a point of reference for not only her students but also for all those who want to deepen and learn more about yoga! Daniela is a Certified Yoga Teacher RYT Yoga Alliance (Hatha Yoga & Anukalana) and also a Certified Teacher of Body Flying Yoga® & Diploma CSEN.

Follow her blog or her social channels here:

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