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Body Butter by 'Honey & Roots'

As part of our guest blog series, Health Consultant, Lilo of kindly shares with us some wonderful DIY skincare recipes and her thoughts on natural and organic skincare. (For the full blog click here)

Body Butter Recipe

Body Butter Recipe


55 ml Shea butter
40 ml Coconut oil
40 ml Organic Avocado
15 ml Vitamin E
8 drops Rosemary
8 drops Organic Cedarwood
8 drops Organic Ylang Ylang

150 ml clear clip-top Jar

How to make

Gently melt the shea butter and coconut oil (unless you are using fractionated coconut liquid) using a double boiler, you do this by placing a heat safe bowl in a pan of hot water and heat using a low flame. Once melted, stir in avocado oil and vitamin E. Now place it in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes to harden just a bit. When the mixture has harden a bit get it out and whip it using a hand mixer for about 10minutes until you end up with a thick whipped cream-like consistency. Add the drops of essential oils, stir well and voilá It's ready. Scrape the mixture into clean jars or containers. Store in a clean dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

Body Butter

How to use

Apply as a body lotion after a bath or shower, you can use it as a night cream for extra moisture for dry skin, or as a homemade hand cream.


The mix of rosemary, cedarwood and ylang ylang gives the synergy effect of soothing, toning, refreshing and uplifting. This blend is very hydrating and specially designed for dry winter skin.

For Lilo's AM serum recipe click here
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A bit about Lilo...

Portrait of Lilo from HoneyandRoots

Lilo has an extensive educational and practical experience within the field of food and agriculture, health and nutrition, environmental sustainability, and socio-economic factors. She has a medical background as a Registered Veterinary Nurse, Foundation Degree in Basic Science in Medicine, a Bachelor's of Science in International Business Management, Postgraduate Diploma in Chinese Nutritional Therapy and Certified Medical Laser Therapist.

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