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Peppermint Foot soak - Refreshing & Soothing for feet

Nothing feels as good at the end of a long hard day on your feet as a relaxing foot soak.

This delicious soak will leave your feet feeling soft and fresh and help turn your tired tootsies into happy feet ☺

Peppermint - Refreshing, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties

Sodium bicarbonate - anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory

Dead sea salts - antibacterial, hydrating, soothing & healing properties, reduces aches & pains

Epsom salts - Relieves stress, reduces inflammation and relieves aches and pains

Lavender - Promotes relaxation, excellent for skin irritations, eases aches and pains, heals wounds


Dead Sea salts 90g
Epsom salts 90g
Sodium Bicarbonate 50g
Lavender 2ml or 40 drops
Peppermint 2ml or 40 drops

What you will need

You will need a large bowl and spoon
A large jar or Kilner jar 250g plus

How to make

Add your salts and sodium bicarbonate into a large bowl. Add your essential oils and give the mixture a good stir until all ingredients are evenly combined. Spoon your mixture into a jar and pop on the lid.

How to use

Add a quarter of a cup of foot soak to a bowl of warm water and stir till salts are dispersed Add your feet and enjoy the ride (approx. 15mins)

Why not decorate your jar and give as a perfect gift to a loved one

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