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Hair Mask - Deeply conditioning hot oil hair treatment for shiny hair

This nourishing hair mask will help de-frizz your mane and treat split ends, leaves hair soft & shiny. Could even help boost hair growth.

You can choose to make the recipe with organic or non-organic ingredients.

Coconut oil - moisturises dry hair, improves scalp health, good for damaged hair, smooths hair & mends split ends

Sweet almond oil - adds shine, treats split ends, moisturises scalp, DE frizzes hair in oleic acid

Olive oil - reduces frizz and deeply conditions, adds softness and shine, good for split ends

Juniper berry oil - antiseptic properties, help fight scalp conditions, astringent properties to tone hair follicles to prevent hair loss, promotes scalp health, moisturises hair naturally, stimulates hair growth


Coconut virgin oil 50ml
Sweet Almond 35ml
Olive Oil 15ml
Juniper berry 1 ml or 20 drops


A bowl and spoon
A small glass jar

How to make

Add your coconut oil to a bowl and heat in the microwave until liquid (approx. 10-20 seconds)
Add the remaining oils and stir. Pour into a small jar and secure the lid
This recipe should enough for a few treatments depending on your hair length and how much you apply

To use

Remove the lid and heat the oil in the jar for a few seconds until liquid and luke warm. Apply oil to your scalp roots and through the length of your hair with your fingers and hands until all hair is coated or use a small hair colouring brush. Wrap hair in a towel or plastic hair cap & leave on for one to two hours. Shampoo out twice and condition your hair. Repeat the hair mask treatment once a week and see healthier, shiny glowing hair.

Top tip - Either store in a fridge for a more solid form or keep room temperature for softer consistency ☺

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