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Organic Beard Oil - Conditioning and Refreshing

● Conditioning and nourishing
● Keeps beard soft, shiny and manageable
● Moisturises and soothes skin underneath beard
● Fresh aroma
● Enhances beard strength and growth

Jojoba - antibacterial properties, conditions and nourishes

Argan - moisturising, conditioning, nourishing, softens hair

Rosemary - promotes new hair growth, combats hair loss, strengthens hair

Lemon - hair tonic, shiny hair, increases hair growth, refreshing aroma


Organic Argan x 25ml
Organic Jojoba x 25ml
Organic Rosemary x 8 drops
Organic Lemon x 8 drops
Amber 50ml bottle and pipette top

NB. You can use non-organic oils if you wish

To make

Measure your Argan and Jojoba oils into a jug and pour carefully into your amber bottle (coloured glass will help protect the oils from the light). Add your drops of essential oils pop the lid on and give it a shake... and that's it beardtastic!!!

To use

Use in the evening before going to sleep. Simply add a five pence size amount of oil to the palm of your hands and rub in your palms. Smooth your hands over your beard ensuring you also reach the skin underneath.

Why not make a beard oil for a loved one and decorate to create a perfect handmade feel to your gift ☺

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