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5 natural ways to banish the winter blues

Raise your spirits and your glasses with these eye-popping remedies for feeling great this winter!
The winter blues are nothing new, for centuries we’ve used feasts and celebrations, reds and golds and greens and lights and fires and candles. We need this stuff to feel awake and uplifted when everything around us is dormant and dark. When there is the least life, it is most important that we celebrate life, that we celebrate having survived another year.

Fight against Winter Blues

As we know, not all of us have the best time in the winter. For many of us it is a sad time, sometimes depressing and sometimes lonely. And no matter how much tinsel and turkey and toys and wrapping paper we surround ourselves with, we still feel like ....t!

We've collected the best Naissance products for the winter blues and the best ways to use them. Try one, try none, try them all. But whatever you do, do something to treat yourself this winter, do something for you. If for no other reason than you are still alive, you are wonderful, unique and made of star dust, and that is definitely something to celebrate.

1. Run a bath, be warm, be clean and indulge with these Himalayan Bath Salts. You can add them straight to your bath or combine with some essential oils.
2. Ease away those tired, lacklustre feelings by massaging any of these pre-blended massage oils into your legs, feet, arms or head. If you can find a willing friend, get them to give you a back and shoulder massage. They smell divine and each blend has been made with specific essential oils to create the desired effect.
3. Get relief, relaxation and many more therapeutic effects at the touch of your wrists, inner elbow, behind the knees or on your ankles with our aromatherapy pulse point roll-on. We have individual pulse points or sets that are perfect for stress relief, day to day survival or the full ultimate survival kit.
4. Coffee, vanilla, ylang-ylang, bergamot, lemongrass, orange and many more essential oils to diffuse around the home. Fill your home with a treatment and a treat, the essential oils will waft through your home to make a delightful scent wherever you need it, helping you feel your best. Ylang-ylang will help uplift and unwind your senses while coffee and vanilla will help you feel more alert and receptive. Bergamot, lemongrass and orange are perfect winter scents, which may help with those winter blues.
5. Relax and make your own. For a wonderful treat, a relaxing experience and something enjoyable to do on those dark and cold winter evenings. We have a wonderful range for everything from soap making to exfoliators and lotions and creams. Let your creativity run wild this winter and get making! Why not start with our bath bomb recipe and see where your inspiration takes you.


100g citric acid
200g sodium bicarbonate
100g cornflour
20-30 drops of your favourite essential oil(s)
1 teaspoon of a carrier oil of your choice (e.g. coconut oil, sweet almond oil, etc)
Food colours (optional)
1 bottle with spritzer
Dried flower petals (optional)
Moulds (you could use the ones for baking, ice moulds or the plastic moulds used for decoupage)

Simple steps to bath bomb success!

1. Add the citric acid, sodium bicarbonate and cornflour to a bowl.
2. Pour the carrier oil and the chosen essential oils in another bowl and mix them.
3. Add the mixture you have obtained to the dry ingredients and spray a little water on it with the spritzer bottle. Keep stirring and if you wish, you can add the optional ingredients, like food colours, spices and petals.
4. Keep mixing the ingredients spraying a little more water until the mixture is smooth (you need to be careful that the mixture doesn't become fizzy). When the mixture is smooth, put it in the moulds and push it with your fingers to make it more compact.
5. Leave it in the moulds overnight or for a whole day before you start using your bath bombs or before giving them as a present.

Look out for our next blog on candle making, DIY kits and something to really get the Christmas bells ringing...

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2016-11-17 10:54:47

Great! Thank You Ffion. Let us know what you think of the Himalayan Salts once you try them, and, of course, keep enjoying the massage oils :).


2016-11-17 10:53:10

Great reccomendations. I haven't tried Himalayan Bath salts, but it sounds good to me! I have tried the massage oils and they're brilliant. Even better when someone rubs them in for you!

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