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Naissance`s Big Organic September Competition runner up story

It’s never too late to make a lifestyle change, and who knows where it could lead? Our runner up, Marion, made that change!

Or how I changed my entire lifestyle in the course of a month

Hi guys,

The story I am going to tell does not focus an any particular event, but rather on how i completely changed my life in a very short period of time.

I've always been conscious about environment to a certain level - my dad being a landscaper and being part of my village council in France, he implemented the recycling for our small village when i was a kid. When I moved to New York, and then to London, I've always made the small effort to recycle as much as I could. However, I never went above and beyond to do so.

I guess I had, what you can call, an epiphany.

Last year, the company for which I work was bought by a big American group. They had offices in India, and all production was shipped over there, while developers here in London - my team - were all fired. Too expensive, apparently. That really shocked me and I decided I was completely against the policy, politics, or everything related to this company.

Around the same time, my cat got into a fight and one of my neighbours recommended I use Tea Tree essential oil to disinfect it. I had never heard of Tea Tree oil before. I ordered it from Amazon, completely oblivious on what I was doing. It seemed to work OK and I mentioned it to my friend Charlotte in France. This is where it all started. She mentioned she was using essential oils on a daily basis and she sent me to visit an amazing French website. It contains recipes and walkthroughs for people who do not know much about Aromatherapy and who would like to go for natural remedies and cosmetics.

Needless to say that in 5 minutes I was completely sold.

I started looking around on the UK market, found suppliers that could get me what I needed, and started replacing every single piece of make-up/cosmetic/household products that I owned by home-made ones. Eye-liner, foundation, shampoo, hair masks, blush, laundry conditioner etc... Even my asthma inhalator had been in a drawer for the past 6 months.

Obviously because changing these implies changing the lifestyle that goes with it, I started to buy Organic as well. I love cooking. I guess it is in my blood, being French and all. As I started to buy more and more organic products, I noticed the difference in taste and quality of them. I cannot go back now and most of the times i'd rather not buy anything than buying non-organic products. I am lucky enough that the offices of the company I work for are just across a Planet Organic shop, which has become my most trusted ally. I've also started to grow some tomatoes, leeks and garlic, as well as aromatic herbs in my garden as well.

With all this also came the need and want to lower the amount of waste I was generating. Mostly in the bathroom and kitchen to be honest. It helped that at the same time the Council of my area decided to introduce wheelie bins, cutting down the number of garbage bags used. I switch for reusable pads for taking off my make-up, and a bamboo stick to replace cotton buds.

It seems like I have written a lot about this, but it really was a life-changer. In April, I started studying for a diploma in Aromatherapy that I will get soon. I'm only using homemade & natural remedies and have been spreading the word around, mainly in the office. Everyone loves it, and I even inherited of the nickname 'The Witch Doctor'.

I currently still work at the same job, despite me not agreeing with anything we do anymore, however I am planning on moving on very soon and directing my career in an industry I believe in. However, I don't want to rush anything and want to do things right... We'll see how it goes!

There you go, you know everything and how Aromatherapy completely changed my life!

Hope you enjoyed reading this

Thank you Marion for your story!

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