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Naissance`s Big Organic September Competition runner up story

Have you ever thought of living a more organic, self-sufficient life? Here's our runner up, Imogen Rose, with her take on why natural living is better living.

Organic September Competition runner up Imogen Palmer

A lifestyle of happiness

Hello, my name is Imogen Rose and I'm 22. I live on a wonderful little small holding with my fiancé Sam, my sister Georgia, my wonderful mum Maddy, our cats Bilbo and Ozzy, and eight happy hens. We moved here in June after deciding to bring all our resources into one place and live in community with those we love. A few years ago this sort of lifestyle really wouldn't have suited us, but since gaining a more rounded, wholesome outlook and respect of life, we saw how beautiful and rewarding it could be.

In life we are all talented in different ways, and find enjoyment in doing different things. When you come together, to live in community, you nourish a state of being that naturally cares for those around you, you find joy in preparing meals for the hungry bellies and smiley faces that greet you at the dinner table, you share jobs around the house, you start to feel your place in an ever growing and ever changing habitat called life.

We are not superior to others, other humans, animals or plants. We each play an important role in the mechanics and harmony of our environment. We don't tend to use the word Organic here much, as we now just see it as life, a way of being, and a way of thinking. It feels natural to spray clean water and organic nutrients on our food crops seeing as this all turns out to be what we eat. Each meal we prepare from as much local and organic produce as possible, supporting the good we want to see in the community around us. We feed our chickens natural clean food as this is their nutrition to make good healthy eggs. All of our buildings are made with natural materials and chemical free paints. We have a chance to make every aspect of life here on the small holding Organic, just by choosing to think about it in a natural simplistic way. Most of the time this means just going back a few decades and taking their advice. Sometimes being Organic does take more effort and can certainly take more time, but in this age of over-stimulation and daily stress, I think its great to spend time doing something simple, mindfully and with the knowledge that the choices we make in life aren't badly affecting the environment we live in.

I started making my own skincare when I was 18. I've always had a big interest in skincare products and the ingredients put into them, you will find me reading labels everywhere! I was never completely satisfied with the ingredients of products I was buying or seeing on the shelves, even in some supposedly Organic products. I was shocked when seeing warning signs on skincare packaging, things like "DO NOT INGEST" or "DO NOT GET PRODUCT IN EYES".

Organic Vegetables of Imogen Palmer

I wanted the products I use on my skin to be not only beneficial but safe! So I bought my first whisk and set off on my mission to create a simple range of products that would safely and surely tick all the boxes of great and gorgeous skincare.

Organic, to me gives reassurance that something will not harm or negatively affect others. Life can be so much more beautiful if you not only take care of yourself but by doing so you naturally take care of others. To do something for yourself but also for the good of others can lead to a very enriching experience on earth. Things will naturally start taking care of you. By simply changing your outlook and giving everything else in life the care you want and give to yourself, it becomes easier and easier to make Organic choices. Organic is a natural, simplistic way of thinking that once you start, becomes second nature.

Thank you for reading
Imogen Rose

Thank you Imogen for your story!

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