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Massage Oils – Recover, Refresh, Relax

In any other circumstances, I would suggest you lay back and close your eyes, to ensure you enjoyed the experience, but if I were to ask that of you, you wouldn’t be able to read this piece on the benefits of massage.

Despite being used for thousands of years, massage has not been very well researched for its health benefits, but that is currently changing. Studies have been conducted that show massage is good for lowering blood pressure, relieving stress, improving the immune system and may help with some of the side-affects like stress, tension and high blood pressure that are caused by some serious diseases, although there is definitely no evidence so far that massage can cure any major diseases.

Massage combined with carefully chosen aromatic oils works by relieving tension in the muscles, acting on our skin, and as we breath in the aromas, works on our sense of smell and therefore our brain.

Some people don’t like being touched, which generally makes them massage averse, and massage cannot be done without touching. There has been a great deal of evidence on the importance of touch from an early age and throughout our lives. Due to various factors, day-to-day touching is becoming less prevalent and this, it could be argued, is having a negative effect on us. If you don’t see, hear or smell another human for an extended period of time, you’re either incredibly self-sufficient or you start going a bit weird. Massage is directed touch, which focuses on easing tension in your muscles and touching the skin, the largest sensory organ we have.

Massage involves various degrees of pressure across the skin and the muscles. This is enhanced by using massage oil which allows the hands to move smoothly along the skin, and can be further enhanced by adding essential oils to the then base massage oil – the aromas filling the air and providing a more holistic massage experience.

If you’ve had a massage, you’ll know that it is one of the greatest antidotes to modern living. Our heads filled with thoughts, our bodies tense. We all want to find ways to unwind, make the pressure of the day more manageable and centre our thoughts so that they are less manic and seemingly unstoppable.

We are all hurtling along sometimes without the time or means to catch our ‘spiritual’ breath. Massage is a great way to give yourself some time. It is not a luxury or only for those that like to be pampered. It should be used as an alternative therapy, which can help in enjoying and being more present in day-to-day life.

It’s true we don’t all have the money for luxury, but all we need it some time, some friendly hands and a quick read of some basic massage techniques. And if you are not sure, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It really might help make the world of difference to your mental and physical feelings. So if you find it hard to relax or want some help de-stressing, easing aches and pains in your muscles or want a way to revive your body and your mind, try massage. It’s cheaper than therapy, less work than going to the gym and has worked for thousands, if not millions of people over the centuries including the ancient Chinese and Egyptians.

If you are looking for 100% organic Aromatherapy massage oils then click here.. All our organic products are certified by the Soil Association. We stock a range of both organic and non-organic pre-blended massage oils and pure base oils if you would like a neutral massage experience without any scent.

Let us know how massage makes you feel in the comments below.

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