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Celebrate them… or heal them: Organic Rosehip for Scars and Stretchmarks

Stretchmarks caused by pregnancy or rapid growth spurts, are one of the most despised skin problems which result in many women to decide on a one-piece swimsuit when they would rather wear a bikini!

We want to remove scars and stretch marks because someone decided that everything should be smooth and even (except for the desirable bumps and bulges of course). Whether you love them or hate them, be safe in the knowledge that everyone has one, the other or both. In Mauritania stretch marks are considered beautiful. Although, like with our need to be thin and smooth, the mechanisms for achieving the desired look aren’t always safe or healthy.

Although it’s probably not going to be very popular in Mauritania, Rosehip Oil is very popular in the western world because it is considered to be a great product for reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Many celebrities have endorsed it and you can find it as the main constituent in many leading cosmetics products.

Rosehip Oil has been popular in South America for centuries but is now gaining popularity in the Western world. There have been scientific studies conducted which concluded that the oil was beneficial for improving the appearance of scars, the signs of ageing and damage caused by the sun. Many people have also reported that they have seen improvement in their skin tone and scars from using rosehip oil.

Naissance sell 100% pure Organic Rosehip Oil. Many people regard Rosehip as a wonderful oil for preventing stretch marks and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Some pregnant ladies have found it beneficial for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy

Some people find that massaging the oil into the area over a couple of weeks or months may improve the skin’s condition. This is thought to be because of the vitamins and fatty acids in Rosehip Oil, which are thought to be beneficial for the skin. This is a totally natural product with no man-made chemicals so it is a completely natural way to moisturise and condition the skin.

Has Rosehip helped you (or not) with your stretchmarks or scars? If you haven’t used it before, has this article helped make up your mind – Please do let everyone know about your experiences.

Coming up Tomorrow … Why is Cold Pressing Better for Your Beauty Regime? If you don’t know the difference, you really need to read this, it could make you re-think how you buy your oils!

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