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Natural Skin Remedies Aren’t a Secret Shared Only by a Select Few!

Yes, it’s true, these products are readily obtained and have excellent skincare properties. So whether you are looking to get relief from a skincare problem or just want to use natural products, you can’t go far wrong with these.


Not only a superfood for your body, packed with its vitamins and essential fatty acids, Avocado is also great for your skin. You can mush it up and slather it on your face or for a more convenient remedy get some Avocado oil and use that instead. Great for moisturising and conditioning the skin.


I have slathered honey all over my face and it’s much easier to wash off than you might think. Honey is a natural antibacterial and my grandmother makes me put it on everything from ingrowing hairs to dodgy looking lumps and bumps. This is grandma science and I’m not sure how the doctors would feel about it. I did however, avoid the bees that have come to nest next door when I put the honey on my face. I have no idea if bees are actually attracted to honey, but the image was enough to make me close the back door.


Tea-tree is great for all sorts of skin ailments and mixed with some witch hazel I have applied it to spots and it has worked a treat. I have been using tee-tree for my (says in a whisper) athlete’s foot, because the shop bought one hasn’t worked. I have only put it on unbroken skin and would be wary of dapping on my skin otherwise. But it’s worth a shot and I’ll let you know if I can make it disappear.

Witch Hazel

My mother has always used Witch Hazel on spots and blemishes. And it can also be used as a natural toner for the skin. Although I would never use a toner every day – always going for the milder, less is more approach to facial skin care as I do.

Jojoba Oil

An everyday essential to moisturise and cleanse the face. Many people say it is great if you have acne as it replicates the face’s own sebum, which may stop it from over producing, making the skin less oily. Also a great all-over body moisturiser.

Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar – No Poo?!

Many people have been trying the No Poo or No Shampoo methods for cleaning their hair. Instead they wash with diluted baking soda and then diluted cider apple vinegar. Other people only wash their hair with water. The idea is that most shampoos strip the scalp of its natural oils so your scalp compensates by over-producing. After a while of not using shampoo some people noticed that they could go for longer without having to wash their hair and experienced less irritation on their scalp.

Aloe Vera

A natural moisturiser which is also beneficial for sun damaged skin. A very popular natural product which is often used as an after sun and as a major ingredient in many beauty recipes. The gel has been used for thousands of years to help heal, and as part of natural remedies. According to Webmd “Studies have shown that aloe gel might be effective in treating psoriasis, seborrhea, dandruff, and minor burns and skin abrasions, as well as radiation-induced skin injuries”.

Egg – whites

Renowned for reducing the size of your pores and tightening your skin. You can combine them with other products for a better effect. Obviously everyone is different but it might work for you.

Rosehip Oil

I know we’ve already said it, but Rosehip is renowned to be good for reducing the appearance for scars. Combined with certain essential oils you can make a more potent remedy. If you’re not sure how, there are lots of blogs on the web where you can find more information.

We have mentioned a few natural skincare remedies but there are many more. What’s your favourite? We would love you to share it with our readers.

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Top 8 Skincare Oils for Naturally Clear and Glowing Skin. It’s always nice to make a grand statement and divulge top tips that no-one else knows, but in all honesty we can’t. The oils here are all well known, but do you know the benefits of each of the carrier oils listed below? – we hope not!

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