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Alleviating Stress with Aromatherapy Oils – Can it really be done?

Stress can be the result of any number of issues in our lives, both internal and external. Relief from stress, even temporary, is very welcome if you suffer with it. It would be unrealistic to suggest that aromatherapy oils can eradicate stress completely, but if you are someone who suffers with this increasing problem, does this sound familiar?

As you remove the fingers tethered in the hair that has fallen across your desk, where your head has decided to rest, until the remainder of that stressful thought has passed. You realise that tangled around your fingers is some of your hair, which should be on your head.

Stress comes in all shapes and sizes and however it does come, it is generally not good for us.

It can be a never ending cycle as you find yourself twisted in ever increasing fits of tension, thought, anxiety and more stress, and we all know how damaging it can be to our physical health. Sometimes you just need to forget it all, step back and take stock of what your brain is doing.

Easier said than done, and most of the time we all need a bit of help.

There are self-help books, but they can be too general – for this is my personal, particular stress, it can't be generalized in a one book fixes all Haines Manual of the human soul. I'm an individual, I'm a special and unique ball of tense-energy and exacerbation, I am not a robot.

You can exercise, that will help, getting to the exercise can be the problem, but once you're there, and you've done it, it makes you feel good, releases tension and helps you unwind.

Breathing, counting to ten, turning your 'if you're happy and you know it' stress ball, to dust, are all ways of dealing with the stress. It is not a new phenomenon, and for centuries people have been looking for ways to help them relax and apart from a trip to the doctor there are many natural ways of calming your mind, and as one friend kindly put it 'getting a grip'.

Try out different oils with a carrier oil and see which mix works best for you. Oils that are commonly held to be good for stress are Lavender, Chamomile, Orange, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Clary Sage. Rose Oil is reported to be good for anxiety and grief, and Ylang-Ylang is said to be helpful for relieving anger and frustration.

There are also many other essential oils that are revered for their stress relieving properties. You can gently breathe them from the bottle, add them to the bath, infuse your house with them using an oil burner, diffuser or vaporiser, going for a massage or massaging yourself.

It's a joy just to try the oils, concentrate on how they make you feel and then work with different blends. There are a plethora of aromatherapy books or you can get this very helpful guide or lexicon, which give you a good start to the art of Aromatherapy, although there are lots of in-depth books out there. If you just want to have a go, try some of the oils mentioned above.

If you have oils that you find beneficial for stress share them below in the comments section.
How have you found ways to deal with stress, what has been your secret method? Do let us know, I'm sure there are many people who would appreciate any advice you can give them.

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