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Naissance Staff Top Aromatherapy Picks Part 2

Today we continue with our staff suggestions for their favourite aromatherapy oils. Part 1 was posted on Tuesday 13.09.16.

Elizabeth Martin, a Naissance Web Designer who makes her own scrubs and soaps shares some surprises...

I love using the Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in almost anything that I make in my skincare routine. I love using them on my hair with a few drops of Baobab Oil right before a shower. This routine helps relax and cleanse my scalp and make my hair nice and shiny.

I also make my own Himalayan Salt Body Scrub with it, with an addition of Organic Shea Butter and a few drops of Grapefruit Essential Oil. Hmmm... I love the combination as it produces a very fresh, tropical fruity scent.

As a soap maker, Organic Coconut Oil will always be in my soap recipe. This is non-negotiable. When I make soap, I always consider using organic and unrefined oils as I have seen the difference when those two qualities are not present.

Claudia Farese, our Italian translator and coordinator shares her secrets...

My personal recommendations would be Coconut oil, as it is great for making hair masks that leave the hair very soft and conditioned. It is sufficient to apply it to damp hair for at least half an hour (more would be recommended) and then wash it as normal. It might take more than one wash to get it all off properly, but the result will be soft and shiny hair.

I am also a big fan of Lavender oil, as I use it a lot before bed to help me fall asleep. If you have trouble sleeping, just a few drops of the oil on a tissue will encourage sleep and relaxation. At least it works for me!

Another one I use consistently is Vitamin E oil. A few drops on the skin before bed (especially the face), will make it very soft. Rosemary essential oil is great if your hair is a bit frail and tends to fall. Just adding a few drops to the shampoo before washing helps strengthen it.

Some other essential oils that I like to add to the bath for a relaxing effect are Ylang Ylang, Bergamot or Mandarin. They are useful in the washing machine too!

Please, do let us know about your favourite oils. Is there an oil we don't stock for example? Who knows, you could be the person who's responsible for us sourcing a new oil!

Coming up Tomorrow... Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage Therapy - You may not be convinced about the benefits of Aromatherapy Massage but why not try it and see? With over 400 essential and carrier oils there is plenty to choose from when it comes to Aromatherapy massage blends.


Alleviating Stress with Aromatherapy Oils... Can it be done? - Stress can be the result of any number of issues in our lives, both internal and external. Relief from stress, even temporary, is very welcome if you suffer with it. It would be unrealistic to suggest that aromatherapy oils can eradicate stress completely, but if you are someone who suffers with this increasing problem, does this sound familiar?

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