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What is the difference between essential oils, carrier oils and aromatherapy oils?

Do you know? Well we thought we would take a look and provide you with a brief overview which should prove useful, especially if you are new to this subject.

Essential Oils

Broadly speaking essential oils give plants, fruit and trees their unique characteristics such as fragrance and flavour. When extracted these essential oils are highly concentrated and quite volatile, evaporating quickly on contact with the air and producing their unique aroma.

They are called essential because they contain the essence of the plants aroma. Different essential oils have different properties and must be used in different dilutions, normally 1-3% for every 100 ml of your preferred carrier oil, but this does depend on how you want to use the oil

The majority of essential oils should not be used neat, but combined with a carrier oil before being applied to the skin. In the UK it is generally not recommended to ingest any essential oil, however in other countries this practice does happen with the help of a trained Aromatherapist. It is always advisable to do a patch test for each essential oil diluted in your preferred carrier oil before putting them on your skin.

Carrier Oils

These oils are derived from the fatty parts of a plant, such as the seed, kernels or nuts. Carrier oils are generally fatty, fixed oils used to dilute the more volatile essential oils for use in skincare and massage preparations. Carrier oils are generally considered safe for use directly on the skin and boast a range of skin, hair care and health benefits. We always recommend that you complete a patch test before putting any new product on your skin.

Aromatherapy Oils

Essential oils diluted in a carrier oils. Generally, a very low percentage of essential oil is added to a carrier oil. This is generally considered to be a more expensive way of buying oils. Mixing the oils yourself will generally save you a lot of money.

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