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Naissance Staff Top Aromatherapy Picks Part 1

We asked our staff what their favourite oils were and why, so they could share them with you. There were some interesting answers in the mix which you may find useful.

Emoke Ferenczi, our German translator and coordinator shares her favourite natural remedies:

It is so hard to choose which ones are my favourite, it is like choosing food - it is never easy to choose one or some if you like all of it.

Jojoba Golden Organic is my number one moisturizer, it has a very nice texture and absorbs very quickly, leaving a smooth feeling for a long time. And Monoi (solid) - I love the smell, I can't really resist it.

Orange, sweet & Mandarin Essential Oils: They simply make me feel happy. I also use them if my tummy is not well in the mornings, just sniffing the scent in. I'm also using them for preparing my own body butter.

Cinnamon & Vanilla Essential Oils: Are best for awaking Christmas memories and superb for relaxing and having a homey feeling.

Peppermint and Eucalyptus Essential Oils: are very refreshing and help to clean my nose/head if I have a cold. I'm using them in general in a vaporizer.

Lavender: This essential oil is part of our remedy chest as an all-purpose oil for helping with spots.

Here are my favourite oils! (Gladys Vaz, French Customer Services)

I'm using Sweet Almond carrier oil as a make-up remover every night. I'm also using it for damaged hair, applying it once a week mixed with Coconut Oil, I then leave it on all night.

I use Avocado Food Oil when I'm eating salad, salmon or vegetables. I also use Coconut Oil for cooking rice.

When I diffuse some essential oils, I'm using Cedarwood Atlas essential oil or Pine Needle.

If I fancy a massage I'm using Sensual and Aphrodisiac Massage Oil, the smell is lovely!

Anita Nardin, Italian translator/coordinator at Naissance shares her plant wisdom

Whenever I feel stressed I use Lavender oil (basically every night). I put some drops on a tissue and then I'll put it under the pillow so that the aroma is not too strong. Boring, I know, but it is really effective and I was surprised the first time I used it. Best sleep I've had in years!

I make my own scrub using Epsom salts, Lemon essential oil and Jojoba oil,. There is no recipe actually. You just put everything in a jar and then, depending on how strong and "rough" you want it to be, you put more or less salts in it. I love to use it when I am in the shower because Jojoba oil leaves my skin really soft and moisturised at the same time. In addition to that, I love the citrusy aroma on my skin. I use it especially on my legs and on my face once or twice a month.

I have different oils that I use in my aroma diffuser, among them are Basil, Bergamot, Lemon, Grapefruit, Peppermint and Ylang-Ylang, but my favourite is definitely Bergamot as I love lemony aromas (I think you got that by now).

Apologies if my recipes are really boring but I am still experimenting.

Don't worry Anita, we all have to start somewhere!

We will be posting part 2 of this article on Thursday 15th September. In the meantime, we would love to hear about your favourite oils, on this blog, our Facebook page or on Twitter - whichever you prefer.

Coming up Tomorrow... What is the difference between essential oils, carrier oils and aromatherapy oils? Do you know? Well we thought we would take a look and provide you with a brief overview which should prove useful, especially if you are new to this subject.


Five unusual uses for Lavender Well, we think they are unusual. We hope you haven't heard them all.

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