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‘New’ Organic Bulgarian Lavender

It’s not just a case of knowing what the product is that you’re using, although it is obviously important, but how much do you actually know about its journey, right from its source? Well, increasingly, people are demanding this information, and it’s a perfectly reasonable request which we are trying to address with more and more of our products.

Ok, we have cheated a little here because this product is already on sale but we wanted to share with you the journey this wonderful essential oil takes before we bottle it for your use. Now, as we have said before we are always striving to build closer relationships with our suppliers. The latest news on this growing family is our new Bulgarian Lavender farmer. As the biggest producer in the world, Bulgaria has now overtaken France in its production of lavender oil, and is also one of the biggest exporters of rose oil. Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils in the world and we sell a number of different types from high altitude, absolute and true Lavender to this new Bulgarian Soil Association Certified Organic.

Our Bulgarian Lavender is picked from the farm’s own fields in the Rose Valley in Bulgaria and pressed and distilled at their farm, reducing the carbon footprint as the lavender does not have to go anywhere until it is sent to us. This new relationship means an improvement in the traceability of the lavender we sell, an improvement in the stability of our supply chain and most importantly a reduction in the carbon footprint of the production of this amazingly and incredibly popular oil.

But how is it made?

When Lavender is picked by hand it is often done by local people during the spring and summer months. Using a small scythe, they bring the lavender towards them and holding the lavender in the opposite hand they cut the stem. Beautiful bundles of the lavender are then collected and put in sacks before being taken away to the farm where they are pressed. There are also specially designed machines which cut the lavender at the perfect point on the stem, leaving the remaining plant ready to grow more lavender. The initial pressing of the cut flowers can be done by foot, as with grapes the local workers use their own weight to compact the lavender before it is steam pressed and the oil extracted, but it can also be done by using a heavy weight.

Once the oil is ready it is distributed throughout the world. It is an incredibly popular ingredient in the perfume industry and can be found in numerous cosmetics. France has, for many years, been the go-to provider of this amazing plant, but due to changes in weather conditions, which many think have been caused by global warming, it has been harder to grow French Lavender. Although the Lavender that is produced is still very highly prized. Bulgaria is now making the most of this gap in the market and using their local farming knowledge and climate, to bring us some of the best lavender the world has to offer.

We are really pleased to be working directly with another grower, ensuring that we trade fairly, build lasting relationships, have control over our supply chain, reduce our environmental impact and provide the best essential oils at prices people can afford.

What’s your favourite way to use Lavender? Share your experience on our Facebook, Pinterest or add a comment to the blog.

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