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Standards - We all have them

The Soil Association is one of the most widely recognised organic certifiers in the UK. We ask the Soil Association to certify our organic products so you can be sure that when it says organic, it really is. All Naissance organic products are 100% organic, and the ingredients can be traced back to the farm where they are produced.


Many companies cannot provide 100% organic products, and according to the Soil Association standards anything less than 95% organic must have the organic percentage stated on the label. These clear and simple logos help you know what you need to look for when you buy organic.

But what does the Soil Association Organic Standard mean?

“The Soil Association wants to ensure the highest possible standards of animal welfare, environmental and wildlife protection, so we have our own higher – or stricter – standards in key areas. The standards put our principles into practice and are at the heart of our work.

Soil Association Certification is our independent certification body. It carries out inspections and awards organic certification to farms and businesses that meet our standards. You will notice our symbol and certification number (UK 5) on many items of organic produce. Our certification business is the UK’s oldest and most experienced and licenses over 70% of the organic food on sale here.” (taken from the Soil Association website)

Organic means more than just lacking synthetic chemicals, it is a way of farming and producing which tries to ensure sustainable land, herbicide free crops, synthetic fertilizer free soil and well treated animals. If this is something you support, look out for the Soil Association logo next time you shop. These principles are also supported by other certifying organisation like Ecocert in Europe. There are also a number of other approved organic bodies in the UK which you can find here.

What do you think about the work the Soil Association does and do you think it goes far enough? Why not share your thoughts with us, we would appreciate hearing from you.

Coming up Monday… 5 Important Things You Should Look for When Buying Organic Oils – Why it’s a good idea to understand their importance. How many of these points do you know?

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